Thursday, 10 September 2009

An update of burning importance!

Just a short update tonight; I took in a delivery today of some foreign postcards - vintage ones of course, not the 'wish you were here/come on in the water's lovely' kind... although when I saw one of them it occurred to me that those other kind aren't so bad after all!

The card in question is shown above, entitled 'Calcutta, Burning Ghat' - it's an old card depicting an actual Indian cremation.... the body is clearly visible. It is surprising how different cultures can be across the world - and vintage postcards show that very clearly - it is all part of the fascination of collecting them! This particular card wasn't postally used but the postage quoted (wait for it) is "India postage 3 pies, to Europe 1 Anna". That might help to date the card if you know your Indian currency - if anyone can put a date on this card I'd be pleased to hear from them. I've placed the card on sale in my Delcampe store HERE. If the link is broken it will have been sold.

I have had quite a lot of interest in my foreign cards - maybe I will do a 'Spotlight' on different countries as well as the UK counties. To end this short update the other card shown is an old card of Lens, in France. It's one of my favourites.

That too, is currently for sale in the store and you can see the item HERE

Don't forget, as with all the cards in my store, if you click on the image it will zooooom in and you will see a super duper enlargement - it all helps to assess the card's appeal in case you wish to click on the BUY NOW button!

That's all for now - I will update again very soon with a spotlight on another UK county.... now which one shall it be?? Any ideas? My contact email address, as ever, is in my Profile.

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