Sunday, 26 December 2010


Several early 1900s postcards of Grantham have arrived and they are all in very good if not excellent condition.  As a collection they are a lovely set and I thought it might be a good idea to feature them in the blog.  So here goes!

I have no knowledge of Grantham or the surrounding area so can only show you the images and their titles, but I hope that they will prove interesting if not fascinating for anyone who knows the town well.

None of the postcards are postally used. All were published by Boots Cash Chemists and indeed one postcard actually shows the Boots building. They would make a great set, framed as they are all from the same publisher and obviously form a collection.

First off is a vintage view of Market Place.

This card is now SOLD

Next, is a vintage card entitled Angel & Royal Hotel, Grantham.  In actual fact the card shows much more than the Hotel - it shows Boots Cash Chemists building and note the patriotic flags hanging across the street, obviously celebrating something - maybe the end of WW1?  Like the last card it is a fascinating view of old Grantham.

Here it is:

This card is now SOLD

Next up is an old card of Boys Grammar School and King Edward School, Grantham.

This card is now SOLD.

Here's one of Grantham Hospital

This postcard now SOLD.

Let's pop over to Westgate, Grantham - a lovely street scene. Again, postally unused and published by Boots Cash Chemists.

This card is now SOLD

Have a look at this one of St Peter's Hill, Grantham.

This card is now SOLD

From street scenes, we now take a look at some Gardens at Grantham. First up is the Gardens at Belton House, one of three of that location in the collection for sale. I won't link individually to these but they are in the Lincolnshire section (click the link at the end of this feature).

At the same location, here is Belton House and Avenue

And here is one of  The Lake, Belton House

This one simply entitled Belton Gardens, Grantham

Then there is one view of The Dairies, Belvoir Castle, Grantham. 

As far as price goes, obviously old cards of gardens and static locations are cheaper than those which feature street scenes which can (not always) change vastly over time; full details of all these cards and their prices are at the links shown.  

All of them are fixed price items, none at auction.

You will find our store's LINCOLNSHIRE Section at

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


To commemorate the American public holiday on 25th November here are a selection of the US vintage postcards in our store currently for sale.

We hope you have a wonderful celebration and enjoy looking at the cards - alongside each image is the direct link to the page in our store where that particular postcard is available for sale.  At the bottom of the feature is a link to our full index of all the categories in our store, scroll down to your country/state of interest.

We're starting off in Massachusetts, in Stoughton Square, Stoughton during the early 1900s.  This postcard is listed at

From there it is over to Idaho! Glen's Ferry, Snake River to be exact.

Fancy a lovely peaceful relaxing time on the golf course?  This one is entitled The Pump Station, Golf Links and Country Club, Geneva, N.Y and posted in 1922.  Listed at
Over to New Jersey now, to a card showing the Post Office in Gt Meadows, N.J., early 1900s. Are they the staff outside or customers, do you think? Here is the link to our N.J. section, you'll find this card listed  there.

How about a brisk dip in the ocean, here is the Scene at Tirelli's Baths, South Beach, S.I., in 1917! Listed

If you've caught a chill after that ice cold dip in the sea, there is always the Dr Gibens Sanitarium, at Stamford,Connecticut! Listed here on this page with a couple of other Connecticut cards

Going over to Maine now - here is Main Street in Ellsworth in 1953 - amongst other Maine cards find it here

Here is an old shot of Heron Street, Aberdeen, Wash., posted in 1908; find it here

Last but not least in this particular feature is an old card of the High School, Italy, Texas complete with vintage cars parked up outside.

If you would like to see the full index to the various categories in our store here is the link - the numbers in brackets denote how many cards are listed in those sections.


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Enjoy Thanksgiving Day and we hope you've enjoyed looking at this feature.

Friday, 3 September 2010


As well as scenic views there is a vast range of illustrations on vintage postcards and one of the most popular is vintage humour. There are literally thousands of these dating back to the early 1900s and I thought I would share a few with you here.

All these and more are for sale in my store - here is the link to the Humour section:

There are some others under Militaria>>>>Humour and individual illustrators, but take a look at these for starters - I will let the images do the talking!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Following receipt of several superb vintage postcards of Braintree and Bocking areas, I thought I would highlight some of them here on the blog. They were all from a single family collection, stored since WW1.

Since I don't know the area I cannot give much background information to the postcards, but I hope you will enjoy browsing them nonetheless.

The first image is Bocking End, Braintree, c1915.

If you wish to buy or bid for any they can be found at

Bradford Street, Bocking, Braintree, c.1915

Bocking Chapel and Causeway, Braintree - c1915

London Road, Braintree - c1915

Bocking Mill, Braintree - c1915

St Michael's Church, Braintree - c1915

The Avenue, Braintree - c1915

Thatched Cottages, Cressing Road, Braintree - c1915

The Old Woolpack, Bocking, Braintree - c1915

Lodge Entrance to Public Gardens, Braintree - c1915

I hope you've enjoyed seeing these images of First World War Braintree and Bocking - there are some others not listed here, most are listed for auction as they are quite rare and have not seen the light of day for nearly a hundred years.

If you wish to buy or bid for any of the above, they can be found at

Full ESSEX listings (including the ones above) are at

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Liverpool & Wirral

Welcome to my March entry - this time featuring old views of Liverpool & Wirral.
Collecting vintage postcards goes by the very flash name of ‘Deltiology’ and is second only to stamp collecting as the world’s most favourite hobby. We all like taking a peek into the past.... with vintage postcards you can tap into a world that has gone forever; some locations have totally changed, particularly those of streets and town centres.
Old postcards afford wonderful opportunities to search out vintage views of places you knew, still know, or even lived in... sometimes it is possible to get vintage cards of your very house in times gone by, if you are lucky!
Anyone reading this, live in one of these houses? It is entitled Aigburth Road and Eastfield Drive, Liverpool – note the tramlines and the wires overhead! Old Postcards, as our name implies, is an online store selling vintage postcards. Our store is now on Delcampe – a large online site which is devoted to collectables - where we have over 2,000 cards currently listed for sale, mostly at fixed prices. (Now over 5,000 cards listed - June 2012)

Here’s one of the old Convalescent Home in New Brighton – located in Rowson Street and now replaced by flats, I believe!

My Wirral cards are all to be found in the Cheshire section of the store. Liverpool postcards are filed under Lancashire. When allocating cards to their various sections in the store, the older county names are used rather than the more modern (and not as well liked!) metropolitan districts or boundary changes which came into effect in the 1970s.

Here’s an example of an undivided back postcard, this one of St George’s Hall, Liverpool and also an image of the reverse side of the card (note the limited space allowed for a message to be written on the front of the card!

Unfortunately the postmark is not clear but the card will have been produced no later than 1902.It has recently been sold so is not available in my store now.

Another example of a scene which you may not recognise – take a look at this one of Acre Lane in Heswall – this was posted in 1907.... also recently sold so no longer available.

Here is a scene you will recognise, but it's alot busier these days - it's Pensby Road in Heswall, circa 1960s.

And how about this one of Well Lane, Higher Tranmere, in 1904:

Our vintage postcards are for sale online in store at Delcampe. Delcampe is the largest internet auction site for collectables and is free to register and free to buy from.
Scroll down the list until you find the country/county in which you are interested and just click the link. Remember – all the images enlarge if you click on them and give you a superbly detailed view of the postcard in question.
As we don’t usually sell direct from our website ( if you wish to purchase any of our cards you will need to register on the Delcampe site; however, this is very easy and totally free to do so. I would add, also, that if you are interested in vintage postcards then there are literally thousands of them on Delcampe so you won’t regret registering!

To finish off with, let's go back to Liverpool - an old view of Central Station

If you're seeking old cards of any specific location, why not email us and we can try and find them for you?
I hope you have enjoyed reading the blog and viewing some samples of our cards – why not check us out as there are over 2,000 in our store from all parts of the UK and abroad. (Now over 5,000 cards listed - June 2012)

Thanks for reading!

Friday, 8 January 2010


Happy New Year and welcome to my first blog update of 2010.

Having acquired a few vintage cards of Sussex churches recently, I thought I would make a feature of them here. As I am not local to Sussex I don't know alot about the various areas but hope that the images alone will be of interest to you, the reader. All are for sale (at the time of writing) in my store.

The first image above is Battle Church, the card is not postally used - on the back someone has written that it is St Mary's Church.

Then off we go to Bexhill on Sea - St Peter's Church and Lychgate. (left)

This card was posted in 1929.

How about Hamsey Old Church (right)? This card dates back to the very early 1900s and was postally used in 1904. It is located near Lewes and is St Peter's Church.

The next one (left) is - Crowhurst Church and Yen Tree, near Bexhill... It's a nice card - not postally used but early 1900s again. The title says Yen Tree, but does it mean Yew Tree?

Here is Christ Church, Eastbourne - posted in 1904. It looks a very isolated spot doesn't it - I wonder if it has changed much in the last 106 years?

The one below is Holy Trinity Church, Worthing - this card was postally used in 1924.

The card below right is Heathfield Church; this was posted in 1906 and is one of my favourites - don't know why... just seems a lovely peaceful spot and appears quite rural... I don't know if that is still the case, but this postcard seems to give out that message to me.

A quick visit to Rottingdean Church next - not postally used but early 1900s again.

And the last church we travel to is Rye Church - this one is a 1905 Watercolour Art postcard, makes a different kind of image and very attractive. (pictured below)




I hope you have enjoyed this feature on the Sussex churches; I cannot guarantee them still being for sale in the store when you look but you never know! There are now over 2,000 vintage postcards in my store - the index page can be found at

As always, get in touch with me if you are seeking cards of any particular location in the world and I will add you to my wants list!

That's all for this month - see you in February!