Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Liverpool & Wirral

Welcome to my March entry - this time featuring old views of Liverpool & Wirral.
Collecting vintage postcards goes by the very flash name of ‘Deltiology’ and is second only to stamp collecting as the world’s most favourite hobby. We all like taking a peek into the past.... with vintage postcards you can tap into a world that has gone forever; some locations have totally changed, particularly those of streets and town centres.
Old postcards afford wonderful opportunities to search out vintage views of places you knew, still know, or even lived in... sometimes it is possible to get vintage cards of your very house in times gone by, if you are lucky!
Anyone reading this, live in one of these houses? It is entitled Aigburth Road and Eastfield Drive, Liverpool – note the tramlines and the wires overhead! Old Postcards, as our name implies, is an online store selling vintage postcards. Our store is now on Delcampe – a large online site which is devoted to collectables - where we have over 2,000 cards currently listed for sale, mostly at fixed prices. (Now over 5,000 cards listed - June 2012)

Here’s one of the old Convalescent Home in New Brighton – located in Rowson Street and now replaced by flats, I believe!

My Wirral cards are all to be found in the Cheshire section of the store. Liverpool postcards are filed under Lancashire. When allocating cards to their various sections in the store, the older county names are used rather than the more modern (and not as well liked!) metropolitan districts or boundary changes which came into effect in the 1970s.

Here’s an example of an undivided back postcard, this one of St George’s Hall, Liverpool and also an image of the reverse side of the card (note the limited space allowed for a message to be written on the front of the card!

Unfortunately the postmark is not clear but the card will have been produced no later than 1902.It has recently been sold so is not available in my store now.

Another example of a scene which you may not recognise – take a look at this one of Acre Lane in Heswall – this was posted in 1907.... also recently sold so no longer available.

Here is a scene you will recognise, but it's alot busier these days - it's Pensby Road in Heswall, circa 1960s.

And how about this one of Well Lane, Higher Tranmere, in 1904:

Our vintage postcards are for sale online in store at Delcampe. Delcampe is the largest internet auction site for collectables and is free to register and free to buy from.
Scroll down the list until you find the country/county in which you are interested and just click the link. Remember – all the images enlarge if you click on them and give you a superbly detailed view of the postcard in question.
As we don’t usually sell direct from our website ( if you wish to purchase any of our cards you will need to register on the Delcampe site; however, this is very easy and totally free to do so. I would add, also, that if you are interested in vintage postcards then there are literally thousands of them on Delcampe so you won’t regret registering!

To finish off with, let's go back to Liverpool - an old view of Central Station

If you're seeking old cards of any specific location, why not email us and we can try and find them for you?
I hope you have enjoyed reading the blog and viewing some samples of our cards – why not check us out as there are over 2,000 in our store from all parts of the UK and abroad. (Now over 5,000 cards listed - June 2012)

Thanks for reading!