Friday, 15 April 2011


In the UK lots of places have a High Street; in the store at the moment are dozens of old postcards depicting these views so I thought a feature slot to display some of them would be a good idea.  Underneath the images there is a link to that particular postcard in the store, should anyone wish to buy it.  Alternatively you can click on the link at the very end of the post, which will take you to a page showing ALL the High Street postcards we currently have in stock.

OK so here goes and the first one up, we travel back to 1907 and pop over to Boston Spa, nr Wetherby in Yorkshire. A lovely scene!

This postcard can be found at

From Boston Spa, it is a hop skip and a jump over to Wooler, in Northumberland for a view of their High Street in years gone by.  Lovely vintage car in the street there!

Click this link to go to the listing for Wooler High Street

From Wooler we will travel a lot further south and visit Winchester in 1915.

Winchester High Street, c1915 can be found at

As you can see, High Streets can be very different! How about a more modern one, let's go forward from 1915 and land in Rayleigh, in Essex in 1969.

The listing for this Rayleigh card is at

Streets seemed so deserted didn't they - even in 1969!  Not always the case though - take a look at High Street in Solihull, in the 1950s!

Let's scoot off north of the border now, here is a lovely framed effect postcard of the High Street in Carnoustie, Angus c1915 (love the seashells!!)

From Carnoustie in around 1915, let's do a massive leap down to Bognor - landing in the High Street during the early 1900s, narrowly missing being run over by that lovely vintage car!

We need to be a bit more careful if we are not going to cause a traffic accident - let's slow it down and visit the High Street in Uttoxeter, back in the 1920s:

Another framed type effect was given to this vintage card of the High Street in Swanage in pre 1918 days:

For our last visit to a High Street in years gone by we will land in Rugby, c1905 - not much traffic here to get entangled with!

I hope you enjoyed our trip down the High Streets of yesteryear - there are over 40 in the store as I write this; I will try and update this blog if and when any of the above are sold so that you don't get taken to dead links, but apologies if this happens before I can amend the blog!

If you would like to see ALL the vintage cards of High Streets click this link:

As ever, thanks for looking at my blog - I will continue to try and update it each month.  If you wish to see the FULL index for all vintage cards in our store (it's a long list!!) here is the link. Scroll down till you come to the country/county/state of your choice.