Thursday, 12 November 2009


Time for an update, I think and this time we are going to go to Norfolk.

I travelled to Norfolk on my motorcycle for a long weekend some time last Spring; it was a great time - such lovely countryside, sleepy villages and brisk coastal walks.

The image above is a very old real photo postcard simply entitled 'Caister on Sea'. I have featured this card before in the blog - it looks like it is Sunday morning and the locals are coming out of church, there is a horse and cart in the lane ferrying people home in their Sunday best. It's a delightful image and I am sure the view is much changed these days.

The image on the right is a view of Norwich Market way back in 1907... spot the tram too. No doubt they were very busy days when the market was on and the trams were packed to capacity!

On the left is a card from 1937, "Pretty Corner, Sheringham" It bears the stamp showing Edward VIII, who had abdicated four months earlier!

This view is a real photo postcard again, this time of Ranworth Church and Vicarage.

Has this view changed?

I have other Norfolk cards for sale in the store - all these featured here are presently still on sale as well. I cannot guarantee by the time you read this that will still be the case but you never know!

If you have a connection with the county of Norfolk why not take a look... the link to our Norfolk cards is at

If you wish to purchase any you can register for free on the site or if you would prefer not to register, just let me know which cards you wish to buy.

Until next time, then, take care - I will feature another UK county fairly soon. Thanks for reading this far - if you like what you have seen maybe some of the earlier updates will be of interest too.