Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Following receipt of several superb vintage postcards of Braintree and Bocking areas, I thought I would highlight some of them here on the blog. They were all from a single family collection, stored since WW1.

Since I don't know the area I cannot give much background information to the postcards, but I hope you will enjoy browsing them nonetheless.

The first image is Bocking End, Braintree, c1915.

If you wish to buy or bid for any they can be found at

Bradford Street, Bocking, Braintree, c.1915

Bocking Chapel and Causeway, Braintree - c1915

London Road, Braintree - c1915

Bocking Mill, Braintree - c1915

St Michael's Church, Braintree - c1915

The Avenue, Braintree - c1915

Thatched Cottages, Cressing Road, Braintree - c1915

The Old Woolpack, Bocking, Braintree - c1915

Lodge Entrance to Public Gardens, Braintree - c1915

I hope you've enjoyed seeing these images of First World War Braintree and Bocking - there are some others not listed here, most are listed for auction as they are quite rare and have not seen the light of day for nearly a hundred years.

If you wish to buy or bid for any of the above, they can be found at

Full ESSEX listings (including the ones above) are at


  1. I used to live in this area so recognize lots of the places. St. Michael's Church still looks the same!

  2. Love these vintage postcards of Braintree. Another place I've never been and one to add to the ever increasing list.

  3. I grew up in Braintree in the 1950's, and recognise all of these images. A very enjoyable trip down memory lane! I now reside in Georgia, USA