Wednesday, 24 November 2010


To commemorate the American public holiday on 25th November here are a selection of the US vintage postcards in our store currently for sale.

We hope you have a wonderful celebration and enjoy looking at the cards - alongside each image is the direct link to the page in our store where that particular postcard is available for sale.  At the bottom of the feature is a link to our full index of all the categories in our store, scroll down to your country/state of interest.

We're starting off in Massachusetts, in Stoughton Square, Stoughton during the early 1900s.  This postcard is listed at

From there it is over to Idaho! Glen's Ferry, Snake River to be exact.

Fancy a lovely peaceful relaxing time on the golf course?  This one is entitled The Pump Station, Golf Links and Country Club, Geneva, N.Y and posted in 1922.  Listed at
Over to New Jersey now, to a card showing the Post Office in Gt Meadows, N.J., early 1900s. Are they the staff outside or customers, do you think? Here is the link to our N.J. section, you'll find this card listed  there.

How about a brisk dip in the ocean, here is the Scene at Tirelli's Baths, South Beach, S.I., in 1917! Listed

If you've caught a chill after that ice cold dip in the sea, there is always the Dr Gibens Sanitarium, at Stamford,Connecticut! Listed here on this page with a couple of other Connecticut cards

Going over to Maine now - here is Main Street in Ellsworth in 1953 - amongst other Maine cards find it here

Here is an old shot of Heron Street, Aberdeen, Wash., posted in 1908; find it here

Last but not least in this particular feature is an old card of the High School, Italy, Texas complete with vintage cars parked up outside.

If you would like to see the full index to the various categories in our store here is the link - the numbers in brackets denote how many cards are listed in those sections.


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Enjoy Thanksgiving Day and we hope you've enjoyed looking at this feature.