Sunday, 26 December 2010


Several early 1900s postcards of Grantham have arrived and they are all in very good if not excellent condition.  As a collection they are a lovely set and I thought it might be a good idea to feature them in the blog.  So here goes!

I have no knowledge of Grantham or the surrounding area so can only show you the images and their titles, but I hope that they will prove interesting if not fascinating for anyone who knows the town well.

None of the postcards are postally used. All were published by Boots Cash Chemists and indeed one postcard actually shows the Boots building. They would make a great set, framed as they are all from the same publisher and obviously form a collection.

First off is a vintage view of Market Place.

This card is now SOLD

Next, is a vintage card entitled Angel & Royal Hotel, Grantham.  In actual fact the card shows much more than the Hotel - it shows Boots Cash Chemists building and note the patriotic flags hanging across the street, obviously celebrating something - maybe the end of WW1?  Like the last card it is a fascinating view of old Grantham.

Here it is:

This card is now SOLD

Next up is an old card of Boys Grammar School and King Edward School, Grantham.

This card is now SOLD.

Here's one of Grantham Hospital

This postcard now SOLD.

Let's pop over to Westgate, Grantham - a lovely street scene. Again, postally unused and published by Boots Cash Chemists.

This card is now SOLD

Have a look at this one of St Peter's Hill, Grantham.

This card is now SOLD

From street scenes, we now take a look at some Gardens at Grantham. First up is the Gardens at Belton House, one of three of that location in the collection for sale. I won't link individually to these but they are in the Lincolnshire section (click the link at the end of this feature).

At the same location, here is Belton House and Avenue

And here is one of  The Lake, Belton House

This one simply entitled Belton Gardens, Grantham

Then there is one view of The Dairies, Belvoir Castle, Grantham. 

As far as price goes, obviously old cards of gardens and static locations are cheaper than those which feature street scenes which can (not always) change vastly over time; full details of all these cards and their prices are at the links shown.  

All of them are fixed price items, none at auction.

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