Sunday, 6 September 2009

Spotlight on Cheshire

As mentioned earlier, I have had lots of old cards come in during the last couple of weeks; one or two were absolute gems and of course soon disappeared back out again to happy customers. One of them was this one, of the old Hooton Park in Wirral.

A lovely building - long since demolished and the giant Vauxhall Motors car plant now stands in its place. Is that progress?

I suppose it is, for those who have jobs there, but it's a pity we lose so much of our history and heritage as we march on through time. Thank goodness for old postcards, eh!

Several more Wirral cards are in my store - they are listed in the Cheshire section along with other postcards from that county; I always use the old county names rather than the more modern (and often totally irrelevant) versions!

The Cheshire section is at,10195,cats,,id_member,00226505,language,E.html