Tuesday, 1 September 2009

More postcards have been added to my store on Delcampe; one of my favourites is a delightful rural scene from Caister on Sea, in Norfolk, UK.

It was probably a Sunday morning when the photographer set up equipment outside the church - he has captured this lovely shot of people in their Sunday best - looks like they are just coming out of church; in the distance is a horse and carriage taking its passengers back home.

This kind of real photographic postcard speaks volumes; in addition the messages on the back of postcards can be absolutely fascinating. Often very funny too! You've got to remember too, that postcards were sent like we send texts today - with a message saying 'Meet me off the train tomorrow at noon' or something; there were often several postal deliveries per day and sending an urgent message by postcard was always sure to be delivered in time. Difficult to imagine that nowadays!