Thursday, 17 December 2009

Various new additions to the store

Greetings! Here we are with the December update; rather than focus on one particular area I thought I would give you some examples of vintage cards which are in the store; some have only come in fairly recently. At the time of writing this, all are for sale - but I cannot guarantee they will still be there when you are reading this page.

The first image (above) is of a scene in Thoralby, Wensleydale (Yorkshire) in 1910. It looks such a lovely sleepy little place doesn't it! The hatching on the picture is from the scanning process; often a certain finish on the postcard creates this effect when one scans it for publishing.

From Yorkshire we travel down the country to Findon village, in Sussex - this is a scene from 1905. Findon is near Worthing - I wonder if it has changed much? The postcard is used but the stamp has been removed.

Sometimes stamp collectors remove the stamps and then sell the postcards on - I don't receive many like that but as long as the card itself is not damaged, then unless the buyer specifically wanted the stamp to be present, it doesn't really affect the appeal of the postcard.

Where should we travel to next? How about calling in to Paignton, in Devon? Fancy a view of something other than the beach? This one is entitled 'Paignton from the Esplanade' and is early 1900s. You can see how deserted the main street is! I wonder if it was taken out of season.

OK climb aboard, we are off to Romsey now, in Hampshire.

This card can be dated to pre 1918; a busy scene in the Market Place... complete with what appears to be a cattle market! The building on the left has a sign clearly telling us that it is the Romsey Working Men's Conservative Association.

As with all the images on our sales listings, if you click on the image it will enlarge to give you a super view of the postcard in question. If there is anything special about the reverse side of the card, then that too, will be shown. If you see any card that you would be interested in seeing the reverse side of and there isn't an image of it already there, no problem - just use the 'contact' button and send a message.

From Hampshire let's whisk away right up to Scotland - this is a postcard entitled 'Taynuilt Road, Loch Etive'.

This is in Argyllshire - the postcard can be dated to pre 1918 and portrays a lovely rural village scene. Puzzlingly, Loch Etive is in fact what it says it is - a loch... there is no village called that but there is a place called Taynuilt. However, in those days maybe the whole area was called Loch Etive. It certainly is a lovely card.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at some of the postcards in the store - there are, at the time of writing, over 1,800 of them covering various countries. The majority are UK cards, but there are now an extensive stock of French cards in there and also cards from other countries e.g. USA, Canada, Spain... even Bulgaria. The home page of the store lists each country so just scroll down until you come to the one you want and click on it.

Remember to click the images on the individual listings - this produces a supersize view so you can take a good look at the card before you decide if you wish to buy it. Some of them are on auction but the vast majority are fixed price, providing an instant purchase.

Here is the link to the main Store page again.....

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Are you seeking for cards of particular locations?
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All that remains for me to say is... thanks alot for reading my blog


I shall be back in January with another update.

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